There are so many ways to fill your child's Christmas stocking, but not everyone knows about these fun activities. 

We’ve got 6 stocking filler ideas that are sure to get your little ones excited for Christmas morning!  You have stockings to fill - and kids to thrill! 

What makes a stocking filler popular with your child? 

You want it to be thoughtful and memorable too.  It's also something that is practical and maybe brings a laugh as well. 

A gift that goes unused is an utter waste of time and money. It's just wasteful when you look back in January and see a pile of toys that are never looked at ever again. 

Select something in your budget that will be looked again during the year and used frequently. 

Here are 7 great ideas for your Kid's Christmas Stocking: 

Stocking Filler #1  

Your child is naturally drawn to certain types of toys: perhaps they like sensory toys or enjoy games for outside.  Make sure you include something in their stocking that they will immediately grab their interest.   

Watch their faces light up with a smile.  If they are not into arts and crafts, it's pointless filling the bag with them!  However, if they love playing with LEGO type bricks, that's an obvious stocking filler! 


Stocking Filler #2   

I love including fillers for kids that will remain in their rooms for the next year.   

Example: these gorgeous wooden affirmations that come in a set of 10 arches.  They are double sided and come with a wooden stand to display the ‘affirmation of the day’.  

What a great way to build your child’s confidence by teaching them positive affirmations the whole year round:   

Wooden Affirmation Arches, created just for you - Little Big Workshop  


Stocking Filler #3   

I also like including something really practical that they will genuinely use over the rest of the year.   

Example: These cute fashion sunglasses are the perfect accessory to make a statement this summer!  

These cool sunnies come in 4 different colours and compliment any little outfit. They also make for some fabulous photos on Christmas Day - 


Stocking Filler #4  

And a stocking filler for the Festive Season that is plain cute is also just the perfect way to fill a stocking!   

Have a look at these amazing cuddle friends – they are the sweet little animals that your little one will love to snuggle with, sleep with and adventure with.  And what's more it will be used way past Christmas Day for ongoing comfort - what a perfect gift.


Stocking Filler #5    

What's better than making sure that your child uses their time in a playful and positive way and also uses their hands to express themselves.   

These stamping sets are just perfect gifts to bring out the creative side of your child.  Crafted using pine, then hand sanded and finished with a non-toxic acrylic paint, each stamper is unique!   

Check it out here:  Christmas Cheer stamper set – Hunter's Collection ( 


Stocking Filler #6 

And everyone loves a little self-care!  These are always popular additions to your Christmas stocking – and in fact to any Christmas gift box too!   

It makes it extra special because these products are hand-made and suit all age groups. Check out the options here.


Stocking Filler #7 

Check out our Yay4Play stocking stuffers and start shopping! 

What’s great about these educational toys is that you can buy the kit and use the pieces inside in your stocking. Then pack them up again in the box so that they are all available for use throughout the year. 

What's more - they are educational toys that will give your child fun and learning during the next year.  They are great for sensory play and you are also able to include many other family members in the activities.  There are educational games that even older kids will enjoy.   

And you can be happy that your child is learning through play instead of sitting passively in front of the TV screen or playing on a device.   

It's hours of fun and a way to build motor skills at the same time - and what a great gift idea for family friends as well. 

Check our Starter Kit and On the Go Kit.