How can an innovative play-based approach make a difference in your classroom?

Are you looking for activity-based resources and ideas to energise your class?

Join us for this 30 minute webinar. We’re introducing this incredibly powerful process into Australia. Six Bricks is a learning program that is used to support different areas of development – using six Duplo type bricks.

When: 1st of March @ 7pm (AEDT)

Join us for a 30 minute session to explain the power of the incredible Six Bricks Methodology!

This methodology is used in early childhood centres and for years K-1. It’s also perfect for after-school care centres, special education settings and occupational therapy practices.

    Learn more about:

  • How the Six Bricks method supports the development of key areas such as crossing the mid-line, inhibitory control, working memory, depth perception and so much more.
  • How you can introduce the six bricks method into your own classes for energisers or as part of the curriculum.
  • What you can do to adapt this incredibly versatile process to scale it up or down to suit your group – and even include mathematical foundational skills and computational thinking.
  • How you be trained and certified in using the Six Bricks process – all online.

We end the session with a Q and A to address all your questions. The session will be recorded if you are unable to attend.

When: 1st of March @ 7pm (AEDT) Price: no cost


“Six bricks is the perfect resource. Six Bricks is a wonderful movement that provides amazing learning opportunities both in Early Childhood and Primary School settings. 

Six Bricks can be anything from a short brain-break activity, through to a whole Maths exploration. There are hundreds of six bricks activities already created. There are activities that are appropriate from Early Childhood, all the way to Year 6.”  

Dr Ange Rogers, Numeracy Teachers Academy 


“We use Six Bricks in our Family Day Care Centre and we like it because we can work in small groups with children at different stages of development. We can scale it up or down and challenge children who can do more.

The other day I used the patterning activity with a child who could do the patterns when they were placed horizontally. But when I changed it to a vertical placement, they were confused. So, that was a great learning opportunity around spatial orientation.”   

Teacher, Family Day Care Centre, Matraville. 


Just when I think we are getting a handle on the big feelings they come exploding back with a new force.

After a morning with lots of big feelings remembered that part of our Yay4Play pack came with emotion exploration activities so I put together a little set up along with our in my heart book that Poppit loves. It was a perfect quiet time activity that allowed Poppit to explore and recognise his feelings within his play.


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There’s no right or wrong way to play. Play that enhances focus, concentration and follow-through can be developmentally rewarding. Our affordable kits, along with instruction mats and online training deliver everything you need to keep your class learning through play. Training modules count towards your PD and allow you to continually expand on the benefits of our building brick play-based learning.

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