Easter is synonymous with joy, renewal, and... chocolate! 

While the allure of chocolate bunnies and eggs is undeniable, this Easter presents an opportunity to gift something even more lasting: the gift of learning. 

At Yay4Play, we believe in enriching the minds of young learners through play. Our carefully curated selection of educational toys offers a plethora of benefits, making this Easter not just sweet but smart too!   

The Importance of Educational Gifts 

In a world where digital screens are increasingly vying for our children's attention, providing them with educational toys as gifts can be a breath of fresh air. 

These toys not only entertain but also build foundational skills, encourage problem-solving, and promote creativity. By choosing to give the gift of learning, you're investing in your child's future, one playtime at a time. 

So, when you are looking for Easter gift ideas, think beyond the traditional chocolate Easter Bunny!  There is so much that is non-chocolate that can make a fabulous gift. 

Make Easter Memorable 

This Easter, create lasting memories by incorporating educational gifts into your celebrations. Imagine an Easter egg hunt where each find leads to a new learning toy from Yay4Play, or an afternoon spent crafting and building with the whole family. 

These moments of joyous discovery not only bring families closer but also build a foundation for lifelong learning. 

Here are some ideas for the Easter weekend – with an education twist! 

  • Creative Crafts for Easter 

Easter is the perfect time for crafts, and our Easter Craft Kit is filled with activities that will keep little hands busy and minds active. Open your Yay4Play Ultimate kit and play the games to enhance fine motor skills and encourage artistic expression. 

Plus, they're a great way for families to bond over creative projects. 

  • Storytime with a Twist 

Our interactive book sets, like Kito, the Bravest Kitten, merge the magic of storytelling with the excitement of play. Okay - it's not about adorable bunnies!   But it does cover marvelous themes of friendship, being kid and collaboration.  

These sets are designed to enhance reading skills while also encouraging children to act out stories, fostering both literacy and imaginative play. 

When you are ready to wind down a the end of the day, building and using the manipulatives whilst listening to the stories in the book series is a fabulous way of de-compressing. 

  • Make an Easter basket 

Instead of the real chocolates, place some models of special treats all made out of bricks! Use your imagination to create cakes or special treats out of the bricks. It’s a great way to promote creative thinking and think outside the square. 

And you don’t even have to deal with a sugar rush…. 

  • Hide Bricks inside and outside  

Turn the traditional Easter egg hunt around.  Instead of hiding eggs, hide some brick shapes!  There could even be some bricks hidden as a perfect gift - but children need to get outside and go find these gifts whilst at the same time using their gross motor skills.  

It's a fun activity that is suitable for all ages - including toddlers who will have hours and hours of fun on the hunt for items that they can find. 

  • Use the bricks and games as Basket Stuffers 

If you cannot do without some of those yummy bunny ears, add those to the basket as well as some other activities.  

That creates a perfect mix between enjoying an Easter basket of cute bunnies as well as other gift ideas that encourage critical thinking and other executive functioning skills.  

It's a great mix of colours and puzzles and games involving shapes. 

Final words 

This Easter let's think beyond the chocolate egg and give gifts that last beyond the holiday.  

Visit Yay4Play to explore our full range of educational toys, perfect for filling Easter baskets with creativity, curiosity, and learning. 

Here's to an Easter filled with fun, learning, and unforgettable experiences with friends and family. 

More about Yay4Play - Building Blocks for Bright Minds 

Our range of educational kits is designed to spark curiosity and foster STEM skills from a young age. For instance, our set of Idea Cards to promote STEM skills allows children to explore basic engineering concepts, turning playtime into an immersive learning experience. 

These toys aren't just fun; they're stepping stones to a lifelong love of learning.  The Easter weekend is an ideal time to bring out the games, crafts kits and so much more! 

NOTE: Remember that it's a busy time of the year and shipping times can be longer than usual if you would like to receive your items in time. 

The prices of our huge range of packs and kits for kids are budget-friendly to ensure that your child enjoys hours of fun, learning and total joy!  

If you're looking for a fun activity to keep them entertained during the holiday or a cute accessory they can treasure all year round, we've got you covered. With affordable options that don't compromise on quality or enjoyment, you can make this Easter extra special without breaking the bank. 

March 21, 2024 — Amanda Medina Alves