Our Story

How it started

Our founder

Our Director and Founder Dr. Denise Meyerson is passionate about ensuring that children have the fundamental skills they need to excel at school and in their future careers. She is determined to use play as the mechanism for building skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and the ability to change, adapt and be resilient.​ Denise is qualified in the Six Bricks, Duplo Play and Learn and LEGO Serious Play methodologies.

She is dedicated to ensuring that educators, family play centres, home school parents, early childhood centres use the unique and powerful Six Bricks method in their work with children aged 3-6 years.

What we believe in

Our Vision

We are determined to leverage the power of play to enhance children’s learning, and determined to leverage the power of learning to build children’s sensory, speech and language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills. Play combined with learning comes together in a specially curated kit of resources that is as simple to use yet complex in its ability to elevate both learning and play. Yay4Play is a smart and affordable way to apply the Six Bricks method in both the home and school environments.

The secret to the success of using Yay4Play educational kits:

They are based on the world renowned Six Bricks methodology. Regular repetition of activities helps to consolidate skills. The kits have enough activities for all-year long use + are easy to pack away with no mess, no fuss. Yay4Play inspires laughter, fun and a genuine love of learning.

Why use the Six Bricks Method?

This incredibly powerful methodology is used globally to motivate children to achieve the skills they need to be successful in their school careers. It’s a simple yet effective set of educational activities that are easy to implement for children aged 3-6. The activities are designed to wake up the brain through gross and fine motor movement, the ability to listen to instructions and use the imagination. These sets of six, 2x4 stud bricks in six different colours are adaptable for children at all levels of development.

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