Kito the Bravest Kitten!

Introducing the first book in our Build-a-Book series

We are excited to launch

Build a Book!

It’s an innovative new way to engage children in reading and
help them develop critical skills for success!

Did you know that many children today are struggling withliteracy and numeracy skills?

That's why we created Build-a-Book - an innovative approach
to reading that encourages active participation.

With Build-a-Book, children keep their hands busy by
recreating the story with bricks. This engages their imagination and
creativity. It means they're not just listening passively, but actively
participating in the reading experience.

What else makes Build-a-Book a great addition to yourlibrary?

✅ Our books are based on Six Bricks, a research-backed approach that helps children develop core skills like problem solving, numeracy, language, focus and attention.

✅ Instructions are written in rhyming format to encourage word formation and language development.

✅ Our stories focus on developing social and emotional skills, helping children recognize and deal with a range of emotions.

Whether you're a parent, teacher, or caregiver, Build-a-Bookis the perfect tool to support your child's learning and development.

Customer reviews
“I recently had the pleasure of reading ‘Kito, The Bravest Kitten’ and was thoroughly impressed by the educational value of the book. Not only does it teach important lessons about friendship and trust, but it also includes interactive instructions for children to build brick models as they read.
The story itself is engaging and well-written, with lovable characters and a compelling plot that kept me turning the pages.
The illustrations are beautiful and really bring the story to life.”
— Sharon D, Speech Therapist
“What really sets this book apart is the inclusion of instructions for building models as the story progresses. Not only did this add an extra element of fun for my children, but it also helps to promote spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.
Overall, I highly recommend ‘Kito, The Bravest Kitten’ to anyone looking for a high-quality, educational book for children.”
— Jenna B, Mother of a 3 year-old

Do you know the Six Bricks methodology?

Learn more about our specially curated educational activity kits based on the Six Bricks method, which will help your child develop fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, coginitive and socio-emotional skills and much more all while having fun!