Buid a Book - Coming soon

A new concept in reading

We are excited to launch

Build a Book!

Help your kids develop a love for reading by re-creating the story out of our Yay4Play bricks.

Here’s how it works:

Listen to the story OR read it if you can.Β 

Use your Yay4Play bricks to re-create the story.Β 

Follow the storyline to build it out in bricks so that the written words transform into 3D models.Β 

There are no rules – go where your imagination takes you!

Have fun as you bring the story to life

Learn how to:

Listen well to stories. Use your creativity to build the story in bricks.

Include sensory play as you touch the different brick shapes and forms.

Learn how to recognise and use colours and shapes

.Understand positional descriptions such as next to, in front of and behind.

Include other siblings or friends to develop social skills.


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