Introducing a revolutionary way to engage children with reading - the Build-a-Book series! Bring the stories to life as children reconstruct the narrative using bricks.  

It's a hands-on, immersive reading experience that combines the joy of building with the magic of storytelling. 

Build-a-Book is the perfect educational gift for children!

Build-a-Book is a unique way to enhance comprehension, stimulate imagination and make reading an active, engaging process. 

🧱 Hands-On Learning: Build-a-Book promotes active, hands-on learning, enhancing comprehension and retention of the story. 

 📚 Engaging Reading: By combining reading with building, it makes the reading process more engaging and fun for children. 

🧠 Stimulates Creativity: Children use their creativity to reconstruct the story, stimulating their imagination and innovative thinking. 

🤝 Interactive Experience: It's an interactive experience that can be shared with friends or family, promoting social interaction and teamwork. 

🏗️ Building Skills: As they build the story, children also develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness. 

 🔄 Flexible Options: You can choose to purchase just the book or the complete kit, depending on your needs. 

🎁 Perfect Gift: It makes a perfect gift for children, combining the joy of reading and building in one unique package. 

Whether you're a parent, teacher, or caregiver, Build-a-Bookis the perfect tool to support your child's learning and development.

Customer reviews
“I recently had the pleasure of reading ‘Kito, The Bravest Kitten’ and was thoroughly impressed by the educational value of the book. Not only does it teach important lessons about friendship and trust, but it also includes interactive instructions for children to build brick models as they read.
The story itself is engaging and well-written, with lovable characters and a compelling plot that kept me turning the pages.
The illustrations are beautiful and really bring the story to life.”
— Sharon D, Speech Therapist
“What really sets this book apart is the inclusion of instructions for building models as the story progresses. Not only did this add an extra element of fun for my children, but it also helps to promote spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.
Overall, I highly recommend ‘Kito, The Bravest Kitten’ to anyone looking for a high-quality, educational book for children.”
— Jenna B, Mother of a 3 year-old
“I have enjoyed using Build-a-Book with my grandkids. They love looking at the illustrations and have had fun building out the story with the bricks. It’s helped me to engage with them more.”
— Hilton, Grandfather of a 4 year old