What age are these toolkits and activities suitable for?

Ages 3 – 8 is the ideal time to build executive function. We do find older children also benefit from these activities, particularly if they have had developmental challenges in earlier years.

How many children can play with each pack?

The packs are created for a maximum of 4 children to allow for families and friends to play together. If you have more children who would like to make use of the materials, you are able to order additional packs.

How do I choose the right kit for my school?

We are happy to advise you about which kit is most suitable as a set of resources for your school.

We are also able to pack the kits for you to meet your specific requirements.

Some of our schools want more bricks or fewer printed mats and we are able to set this up for them.

How do I choose the right gift for family or friends?

Our most popular gift is our Ultimate Kit.  It’s suitable for a range of ages so even older children get involved in the activities.

It’s one of those gifts that does not have just one use only.  It endures for many years and as children develop, they find other variations and uses for the range of over 100 activities.

A budget friendly option is our Basic Kit.  It looks good when it is gifted and children’s eyes light up as they open the box

How long does each activity take?

Most activities are short and take between 5 – 10 minutes. There are activities where you can allow more time and this could take between 15 – 30 minutes.

Why does the methodology work?

The Yay4Play way is a cost-effective and easy option for parents to get manipulatives into the hands of their children.

It’s a way of ensuring that children have colourful, fun and hands-on learning to consolidate and reinforce skills and concepts from school.

Repetition is a key way to ensure that children grow in confidence and engage positively with previously learned knowledge and new concepts as well.

Why is playful learning so important?

Children who passively watch TV or play on devices don’t develop core learning skills.

Yay4Play and the six bricks activities are designed to develop mental readiness and ensure that your child focuses and concentrates.

Quick activities are guided by parents, grandparents, guardians or carers and at the same time they are open-ended. Children learn to control and direct their own learning.

Play also re-energises the brain. Through movement children get blood flow to the neurons to create new neural pathways. This will build new learning while reinforcing and consolidating previous learning.

Do you allow exchanges?

If you are not satisfied with any physical goods that you purchase from us, please let us know as soon as possible as we may be able to replace the item for you. In some circumstances, we may provide a credit instead of replacement at our discretion.

What are the shipping charges?

We include free shipping Australia wide.  We use Sendle as our courier service and if there are events outside of our control, there could be delays in shipping.  Please ensure that you insert your correct address details.

Are your kits suitable for autistic children?

Yes, our kits work well with neurologically diverse children.

They might require some additional support in terms of setting up the activities.  There is such a wide range of activities that they will be able to play on their own.  You might also try to see if they will work in a small group which helps with their social skills in a non-threatening environment.

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