Activities and games to learn

Learn while playing at home!

The Six Bricks mats have huge benefits when you use them in your class:

  • The activities are easy to use and children enjoy using the bricks in combination with the mats.
  • The activities with the mats are about 7-10 minutes in duration and children focus during that time.
  • The instructions are easy for educators to follow so that this valuable teacher resource is used throughout the year.
  • The mats help children build a range of critical cognitive skills and also assist with the development of short term memory.
  • The mats are easy to adapt and instructions can be scaled up or down depending on the developmental level of the group.

What is the Six Bricks method?

Six Bricks is an innovative way of playing with building bricks to develop critical skills for school success. As children follow the activities, they build their sensory, speech and language, cognitive and social / emotional skills.

Do you need some some bricks at home to start learning?