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Get Your School Ready With Our Genius Educational Toys That Accelerate Your Childs Learning & Development

✔️ Accelerate your child's learning and improve their 6 core skill sets. Build their sensory, speech and language, numeracy, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills with 1 kit.

✔️ 100+ Activities to keep them entertained and engaged for hours & hours (can be done by themselves) or collaboratively with a parent.

✔️ We include bonus on-going updates and new activities via our FREE mobile App.

✔️ Method developed by the LEGO® Foundation and endorsed by educators worldwide.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I've discovered a quick, easy, stress free option with Yay4Play who provides a range of simple, easy to follow STEM challenges all to do with duplo (or lego even!)

It takes me less than a minute to set these up, and they're a hit every time. I've loved watching my boy's problem solving skills progress so quickly!
— @outdoor.playroom
Customer reviews
Zoe has been showing such an interest in building and patterns lately, I knew that that pattern cards with the blocks that came with the ultimate kit from Yay4Play would be perfect to work on these skills.

It was interesting to watch her work through what colours she needed and found once I placed the card flat it was easier for her to work through the spatial reasoning.
— @lilzoeplays
Customer reviews
Just when I think we are getting a handle on the big feelings they come exploding back with a new force.

After a morning with lots of big feelings remembered that part of our Yay4Play pack came with emotion exploration activities so I put together a little set up along with our in my heart book that Poppit loves. It was a perfect quiet time activity that allowed Poppit to explore and recognise his feelings within his play.
— @popandpudplay
Customer reviews
Fletch loves to play with building blocks and can spend hours expressing his creativity through his creations or following instructions so the Yay4Play activities kit is perfect for him to play and learn prior to and as he starts school.

Through the use of blocks these are designed to cover many elements of a child's development of creative skills, following instructions for set tasks and challenges their learning, building upon memory, cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control, all of which are important and life-long skills.
— @fletchadaise

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