That marvellous quotation from the father of the term ‘kindergarten’, Friedrich Froebel, is a powerful way of showing how important tactile stimulation is.  The Six Bricks method provides the manipulatives to boost the perceptual development of children. 

As children play with the bricks they physically move and work with the bricks incredible benefits occur: 

  • By using the Six Bricks way, children are able to touch and feel these concrete objects so that they see abstract concepts translated into problems that they can solve.  For example, instead of talking about addition or subtraction, the bricks are used to demonstrate in reality what happens when you add extra bricks or take them away.  The child performs the actions themselves and by so doing, builds a connection between the concept and the application of the concept into practice. 
  • The kit of educational activities forms the foundation for constructive play. In this type of supportive environment, children feel encouraged to think for themselves, discover new ways of doing things and solve problems that they might not get right the first time around.  Through the repetition of the six bricks activities to boost concentration and mental readiness, children re-energise so that they are more open to learning new things. 
  • As children set up their bricks in lines, they are obliged to move their eyes from left to right across the midline.  Many of the kids’ toys today are too small to require them to work outside of their range of vision.  Six Bricks ensures that children get the exercise and movement of their eyes to ensure that they develop improved concentration and coordination. 
  • Even though the activities are guided through the instructions of the teacher, children still have the opportunity to explore and direct their own learning.  The method allows for a balance between structured and open-ended play to form a unique way of constantly growing mental readiness.   

Those are certainly some compelling reasons to use the Six Bricks Methodology.  The Yay4Play kits are set up with all the resources and tools you need to get started! And there’s online learning to build your skills and knowledge around the methodology. You can even become certificated as a teacher of the ‘Six Bricks Method’. 


September 10, 2022 — Amanda Medina Alves