Imagine a world where learning is woven into the very fabric of play, where children's laughter rings out as they explore the wonders of the world around them, and where parents watch with joy as their little ones grow and learn.

Welcome to the world of play-based learning, a powerful approach that leverages the natural curiosity of children to accelerate their learning.

Play-based learning takes many forms, but at its heart, it is about transforming the act of playing into an immersive educational experience.

Educational toys are meticulously designed to ignite children's curiosity, transforming their playtime into a productive and joy-filled learning journey.

From our Yay4Play vibrant building blocks to our innovative activity cards and Build-a-Book series, each toy is an opportunity for your child to develop and grow.

These aren't just toys – they're tools that help children unlock their potential, nurturing their growth across a range of key areas.

Why Buy Educational Toys 

There are incredibly powerful ways in which educational toys and games can make a massive difference for your child.

Here are a few examples:

  • Through play-based learning, children are engaged in a holistic learning process. They build their sensory skills, language development, numeracy skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, social skills, and emotional skills.
  • Using educational toys can also help children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. By providing structure and an objective, they are able to develop their ability to think creatively and discover different solutions.
  • Educational toys also help children feel secure in the knowledge that they can succeed at something. As they master tasks, they gain confidence in their abilities to tackle bigger challenges.
  • Educational toys also assist children with their social and emotional skills to promote well-being for both parents and children as they play together.
  • Finally, using educational toys and puzzles provides a safe space for children to explore different ideas without worrying about failure or criticism. This helps create a sense of security and encourages creative risk-taking.

How to Choose Educational Toys for 3 - 5 Year Olds

When selecting toys for three - five year olds, it is important to find ones that will engage them in meaningful play while still being appropriate for their age group.

  • Look for age-appropriate items:  if the level of the toy is too high or too low, your child will quickly lose interest.  You want learning and play to be a positive experience so there is not much benefit in pushing children into something that is clearly not yet at their level of development.
  • The right educational toy will also not feel like they are back at school.  There will be fun elements as well and some challenges to keep children engaged.
  • Select toys that focus on many skills and not just one skill in particular.  This is a more holistic approach and helps children develop across many skills areas.


School Holidays - the perfect time for using educational toys 

School holidays present the perfect opportunity to introduce new activities and experiences into your child's life.

When planning out the school holidays consider activities that strike the perfect balance between educational fun and leisurely relaxation. 

It's the ideal time to develop a real lifelong set of skills so that children interact with fun games, with adults and other friends and family as well.

We're not the only ones who believe in the power of play-based learning. Many educators and developmental experts around the world endorse this approach. It's been proven time and again that children learn best when they're having fun.

That's why at Yay4Play we're committed to providing toys that are both enjoyable and educational.

So, step into the world of play-based learning with us. Watch your child's eyes light up with joy as they explore, create, and learn. Witness their confidence grow as they conquer challenges and celebrate their achievements. 


Make the School Holidays a Learning Adventure with Yay4Play

While children are filled with excitement and anticipation of the break, parents often find themselves grappling with the challenge of keeping their children entertained and engaged.

But what if you could transform these holidays into a thrilling learning adventure?

Imagine your child deeply engrossed in play, not just passing time but actively developing a multitude of skills.

  • From sensory perception to language proficiency, numeracy to cognitive abilities, motor skills to social and emotional learning—our kits provide a comprehensive package for your child's holistic development.
  • The convenience of our toys for kids also means no stress for you. As one parent happily reported, "It takes me less than a minute to set these up, and they're a hit every time".
  • At Yay4Play, we offer an array of educational toy kits designed to keep your child entertained while also accelerating their learning and development.
  • Each kit comes packed with over 100 innovative and engaging activities that can be undertaken independently or with a parent, making every day of the holiday a new exploration into the world of learning.
  • These toys are more than just a fun distraction—they're a powerful educational tool that stimulates your child's curiosity and drives their intellectual growth.
  • Our methodology, developed by the LEGO® Foundation and endorsed by educators worldwide, has been proven to be effective in promoting learning through play. 
  • It's hours of fun + social skills + Critical thinking skills + Motor control + a huge range of skills... The long list could go on.


And it's not just educators who vouch for us—parents do too!

Our parents have shared heartwarming stories of their children's progress, with remarks such as, "I've loved watching my boy's problem-solving skills progress so quickly!

Parents have remarked on the significant growth they've seen in their children's problem-solving and spatial reasoning skills.

One parent noted, "It was interesting to watch her work through what colours she needed and found once I placed the card flat it was easier for her to work through the spatial reasoning". 

Finally, Don't let the winter chill slow down your child's learning. 

Choose between our Ultimate, Premium, Starter or On-the-Go Educational Kits. There's our Build-a-Book series as well so that your child re-creates the storyline out of bricks.

Keep your child engaged, entertained, and learning all holidays long.  With our educational games, learning has never been so much fun!