There’s no right or wrong way to play. Play that enhances focus, concentration and follow-through can be developmentally rewarding. Our affordable educational toys, along with instruction mats and online training deliver everything you need to keep your class learning through play. Training modules count towards your PD and allow you to continually expand on the benefits of our building brick play-based learning.

Our kits are packaged in this way according to age groups. We are happy to adjust the kits to suit your requirements and to mix the contents to accommodate the needs of your school. We are provide you with special pricing for orders of multiple kits.

Early Learning Centre Educational Toys


These sets of teacher resources are ideal for early childhood centres and Pre-K classes.

The kit contain sufficient resources for up to 16 children to give them the full Six Bricks experience.

Family Day Care Teacher Educational Kit


This set of teacher resources is ideal for working in small groups of children. They are popular with Family Day Care Centres and Out of School Care.

This kit is suitable for groups of up to 5 children.

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About Discounted Pricing for Multiple Orders

Parents will notice the difference and so will you.

✔️ Aligned with current play-based learning trends to help kids reach mental and physical milestones through directed, structured or open-ended play.

✔️ Transforming the future of our children/ students through play. Invest in the resources to propel little people’s minds towards brilliant futures.