Empowering Classrooms: A Guide to Choosing the Best Educational Resources

Choosing the right educational resources for your classroom can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!

Our new ebook, "Empowering Classrooms," provides practical tips and insights to help teachers in early learning centres, family day cares, and primary schools (K-1) select versatile, budget-friendly resources that emphasize learning through play. 🎨🧸

Play-based learning encourages children to explore, experiment, and understand the world around them. Research shows that play promotes cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. It fosters creativity, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning. ❤️🌍

Key Benefits of Play-Based Learning:

Enhances cognitive and physical development

Builds social skills and teamwork between classmates

Encourages creativity and imagination

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"Six Bricks was a great opportunity to extend on my professional development.

Not only for myself in supporting children but also as a team and now having the opportunity to support my educators on extending their programs in a fun and engaging way.

The activities are a great resource to have and share with my team."
— Nicole Smith | In Home Care Coordinator
Customer reviews
I've discovered a quick, easy, stress free option with Yay4Play who provides a range of simple, easy to follow STEM challenges all to do with duplo (or lego even!)

It takes me less than a minute to set these up, and they're a hit every time. I've loved watching my boy's problem solving skills progress so quickly!
— @outdoor.playroom
Customer reviews
“Six bricks is the perfect resource. Six Bricks is a wonderful movement that provides amazing learning opportunities both in Early Childhood and Primary School settings.

Six Bricks can be anything from a short brain-break activity, through to a whole Maths exploration. There are hundreds of six bricks activities already created. There are activities that are appropriate from Early Childhood, all the way to Year 6.”
— Dr Ange Rogers, Numeracy Teachers Academy 

Our Vision

We are determined to leverage the power of play to enhance children’s learning, and determined to leverage the power of learning to build children’s sensory, speech and language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills. Play combined with learning comes together in a specially curated kit of resources that is as simple to use yet complex in its ability to elevate both learning and play. Yay4Play is a smart and affordable way to apply the Six Bricks method in both the home and school environments.