Discover the Joy of Learning with Six Bricks 

At Yay4Play, we're passionate about creating educational experiences that are both fun and beneficial for children.  

Our activities are designed to inspire creativity, foster learning, and promote the cognitive development of young minds.  

Whether at home or in the classroom, Six Bricks activities are perfect for encouraging imaginative play and building essential skills. 

Six Bricks Method: A Catalyst for Educational Growth 

The Six Bricks method involves using a set of six bright colour LEGO® bricks in a series of short, structured exercises that enhance learning and development. This hands-on tool which includes sets of 100's of activities and simple exercises is based on bricks in red, yellow, green, orange, light and dark blue. 

This method is grounded in the principles of active learning, where children engage physically and mentally, thereby enhancing their ability to absorb and retain new information.  

Through simple stacking, sorting, and sequencing activities, children develop a range of skills from fine motor coordination to spatial reasoning. They also gain emotional skills such as self-regulation and attention and focus. 

The Six Bricks method was originally developed in South Africa by Care for Education as an incredibly powerful form of play-based learning. It's become renowned globally as a perfect resource for schools as well as in the home to introduce playful learning. 

Enhancing Fine Motor Skills 

One of the foundational benefits of engaging with Six Bricks is the enhancement of fine motor skills.  

Children practice dexterity and hand-eye coordination as they manipulate the small, colorful bricks. These skills are crucial in early childhood development, laying the groundwork for writing, dressing, and other important tasks. 

With just six bricks you introduce such amazing learning opportunities! 

Cognitive Development Through Play 

Six Bricks activities are not just about physical skills. They also offer a robust platform for cognitive development.  

Children learn to recognize patterns, solve problems, and understand complex concepts through playful interaction. Activities designed to sequence bricks or follow patterns boost critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential for academic success. 

These are all core skills that make an enormous difference to ultimate success at school. 

Social Skills and Emotional Growth 

In group settings, Six Bricks activities encourage teamwork and communication. Children learn to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and support each other’s learning experiences.  

This social interaction is vital for emotional development and helps children understand the importance of cooperation and respect for others. 

Six Bricks is also a form of multi-sensory learning that give children the developmental skills they need - and just through these quick, daily activities they gain so much! And children don't need a second invitation to use the bricks. You immediately notice the strong collaboration among children as well as they engage with this hands-on resource 

Customizable Activities for Diverse Learning Needs 

We recognize that each child is unique, with their own strengths and challenges. Six Bricks activities can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of ages, abilities, and learning styles.  

Educators and parents modify the complexity of tasks or the rules of engagement to meet the developmental needs of each child, making learning accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 

As a form of hands-on, experiential learning, Six Bricks is used in early learning centres as well as in Years K-2. 

Educational Benefits Across Various Subjects 

Six Bricks is not limited to one type of learning. Our educational resources can be integrated into various subjects and different parts of the curriculum to enhance understanding and retention of knowledge: 

  • Mathematics: Building patterns and counting bricks can help children understand numbers and basic arithmetic. Six Bricks is therefore a powerful teaching tool that helps children build mathematics skills. 
  • Language: Storytelling activities with bricks can expand vocabulary and improve language skills. The power of it is that these playful activities in fact bring full participation among children instead of them losing focus. 
  • Science: Exploring concepts like gravity, balance, and symmetry through brick-based experiments can make abstract scientific ideas more tangible. These quick activities bring these abstract concepts to life immediately. 

Building a Brighter Future with Six Bricks 

Six Bricks offers more than just concept play-based learning. It is a powerful educational tool that brings complex concepts to life, develops essential skills, and nurtures the social and emotional growth of children.  

By incorporating Six Bricks into daily learning activities, we can provide children with the tools they need to succeed in every aspect of their lives. They gain the critical skills they need - all in one amazing resource that is totally versatile and adaptable to different levels in the group. 

By integrating Six Bricks activities into educational and home settings, we not only support academic achievements but also build a foundation for lifelong learning and success. Join us in this journey to make learning a joyous and enriching experience for every child as part of their basic education journey! 

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NOTE: Our online courses are accredited by the NSW Education Standards Education Authority and you are also eligible for Kindy Uplift funding in Queensland.