Diggy, the Helpful Dog - Book and Bricks Set

Unleash the power of interactive storytelling with Build-A-Book:
✅ Storytime meets playtime - build brick models that bring the narrative to life.
✅ Merge reading with creative construction for a rich, engaging experience.
✅ Boost listening, social and emotional skills.
Turn every page into an adventure!

Diggy, the Helpful Dog is a heartwarming tale of friendship, problem-solving, and teamwork. The story follows Diggy, an eager-to-help dog, and Farmer Freddie, a diligent and cheerful farmer, as they engage in the daily chores of Buttercup Farm.  

What makes Build-a-Book so special? 

  • Interactive play: readers are prompted to use bricks to build and recreate scenes from the story. 
  • Active engagement through building with bricks – no more passive listening to a story. 
  • Develop creativity, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills development in young readers. 

Key themes: 

  1. Teamwork and Partnership: The bond between Diggy and Freddie is a testament to the power of working together. They share chores, solve problems, and celebrate their achievements together, emphasizing the value of teamwork.
  2. Helpfulness and Responsibility: Diggy takes pride in her role as a helper on the farm. The responsibility she shares with Farmer Freddie nurtures a sense of duty and shows young readers the importance of being helpful.
  3. Problem Solving: When they discover three missing sheep, Diggy and Freddie have to come up with a plan and search the farm. Their determination to solve the problem, despite initial failures, teaches resilience and critical thinking.
  4. Care and Empathy: The concern Diggy and Freddie show for the missing sheep emphasizes empathy and care for others, even our animal friends.

What’s inside your kit? 

  • 28-page soft cover book with beautiful illustrations and rhyming instructions  
  • A base plate to recreate the storyline. 
  • 3 x Emotions bricks for social and emotional learning. 
  • Bricks, characters and animals to construct the story as you read along. 
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Affordable, flexible and adaptable

Build-a-Book provides budget-friendly and versatile learning, fostering creativity and adaptability for solo or group play. Everyone can join the fun!

With unlimited access to a whole suite of unique play based learning activities and tools, nothing will hold you back in developing those brilliant minds.

Prepare your child for school

Build a Book enhances listening, communication, and problem-solving skills through captivating stories and brick model construction.

Build children's skills

Through imaginative play, Build-a-Book nurtures critical cognitive abilities, hones creativity, and empowers children to thrive academically and socially.

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