What makes Yay4Play educational activity kits special – and why they are different from usual DUPLO sets!

We all want to leverage the power of play to enhance children’s learning. Each type of play has an important role to fulfil in a child’s development. 

Yay4Play puts the emphasis on play-based LEARNING. We see the power that play has to build children’s sensory, speech and language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills. 

DUPLO® sets have a particular function as part of the full spectrum of play:

  • They are useful for guiding children in terms of following instructions and building particular models. 
  • They are also great for free play as children use their imaginations to create all kinds of structures that mean something to them. This enhances their fine motor skills and helps children to become innovative and use their hands to generate ideas.

Yay4Play Kids Activity Packs have been specially curated for more than once-off use and they go beyond building specific models. 

Our activity boxes have a focus on EDUCATION

Here’s what makes them unique:

  • The activity packs are based on strong research into the experiences children need to build skills for school success. The Six Bricks methodology, which forms the basis of the kits, is used globally by leading schools with incredible, documented results.
  • The kits have over 100 activities that last the entire year. Our sturdy boxes can easily be packed away for repeated use.
  • Parents become involved and more aware of what they can do to repeat activities that teachers don’t have time for during the school day.
  • Parents can select activities to support areas where children could find challenging: Having trouble with a child who cannot cross the midline well? There are specific activities that target this developmental area so that your child will be able to read well and do things like tie their laces.
  • We support parents through online demos and videos so that you can elevate playful learning to where it needs to be.  If parents have sufficient bricks at home already, they can become members of the online club and have access to all the great educational activities there.
  • The activity kits are cleverly designed to be challenging and also interactive. A huge variety of games can be scaled up or down depending on the level of your child.
  • Families and friends can join in the fun – this isn’t just a solitary form of play.

And that’s some of what makes Yay4Play so special! We didn’t mention that there are affordable options to suit all pockets AND each kit represents great value.  

Happy to answer any questions you might have – email us on info@yay4play.com or contact us here