Six Bricks Accreditation


This course includes:

  • Our modules "Learn How to Apply the Six Bricks Methodology", "Use the Six Bricks Methodology toĀ Build Basic Numeracy and Mathematical Skills", "Use the Six Bricks Method to Build Basic Computational and Coding Skills".
  • TheĀ moduleĀ "Use the Six Bricks Methodology for Autistic Children" as a BONUS.
  • Access to our Online Portal with more than 100 activities.
  • A 2-hour live training session with our experienced facilitators.
  • Material for development and activity handouts.
  • Certificate to accredit you as an official Six Bricks educator.

With thisĀ course you will be able to learn more about the Six Bricks Method's background, applications, activities and lessons, as well as how to implement and adaptĀ this methodologyĀ to your classroom needs. Once you have your Certificate you will beĀ qualifiedĀ to create your own activities and lessons on the Six Bricks Method in a variety of subjects, as well as supporting other educators on implementing the methodology.

Affordable, flexible and adaptable

Our kits are ready to use from the moment you open them. Follow our activities using our instruction cards or develop your own. Thereā€™s over 100 activities for you when you log into our online portal.

With unlimited access to a whole suite of unique play based learning activities and tools, nothing will hold you back in developing those brilliant minds.

Ensure that your child is school ready

Is it important to you that your child has problem-solving skills and the ability to concentrate and focus? Six Bricks activities and games support the breadth of skills and play to ensure that children gain the skills they need to be successful at school and beyond.

Build children's skills

When children play they develop some of the most important skills to ensure that they become lifelong learners. Give children the opportunities to use their whole body to explore and aid their development.

The Six Bricks Methodology


āœ”ļø A innovative way to build childrenā€™s sensory, speech and language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills.

āœ”ļø Resources to kick start an immersive and stimulating play.

āœ”ļø At school or at home learning.

āœ”ļø To ensure that play based learning brings all the fun and knowledge to children.

A Sneak Peek into our Portal

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