Use the Six Bricks Method to Build Basic Computational and Coding Skills (Years K-2)


The globally renowned Six Bricks method is an incredibly powerful and practical way of introducing basic coding and computational skills to children in classes K-2.  This is an increasingly vital part of the STEAM syllabus.

Computational thinking is a cognitive ability that is critically important for holistic childhood development. It is the prerequisite foundation for understanding the technologies of the future.

Join this dynamic module to build your skills in developing computational thinking and coding in your classroom without being a STEAM expert. We showcase the different ways in which you can integrate the methodology into your own classroom activities and identify ways to use it within the STEAM curriculum.

Computational thinking is usually associated with computers and coding.  However, it can be taught without a device. Children are excited by using the bricks which makes it an easy way to introduce the following skills:

Abstraction, Generalisation, De-composition, algorithmic thinking and evaluation and de-bugging.

There are all the templates you need to download for your class as well as video demonstrations on how to implement the following activities:

Brick Crypto

Brick Navigation

Brick Sudoku

Brick Tangram

Brick Switch

NOTE:  It is suggested that you complete the module on Implementing the Six Bricks Methodology before commencing this module.  This module does not cover the fundamental principles of the Six Bricks Method. 

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The Six Bricks Methodology


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