Use the Six Bricks Method to Build Numeracy and Basic Mathematical Skills


The world renowned Six Bricks method is an ideal starting point to build numeracy and basic mathematical skills for children. The six bricks method is used globally to improve executive functioning skills for children. It is particularly useful for helping children to make sense of numbers and mathematical operations.

Six Bricks brings a hands-on approach to help children visualise the problem and work through the steps required to arrive logically at a solution. Children have tremendous fun when using the bricks and this makes it far easier for them to grasp concepts without even realising that they are gaining these skills.

Daily mathematics activities with the Six Bricks ensure that children acquire higher order thinking skills and continue to practice their skills at more challenging levels.

The process of development in children involves a need to classify what is going on around them and to identify patterns in what they experience.

Through the Six Bricks approach, children learn to fit things together and take them apart, as their spatial skills develop. 

They re-arrange and shape objects and also observe and describe things from different spatial views - this is something that can only be learnt through experience.

Patterning, sequencing and sorting help children to develop a sense of continuity in their world.

You are able to scale the activities up or down to suit the level of your class. Create even more activities of your own as you become familiar with the methodology.

NOTE: It is suggested that you complete the module on Implementing the Six Bricks Methodology before commencing this module. This module does not cover the fundamental principles of the Six Bricks Methodology. We assume that you have build your understanding through completion of: Learn how to apply the Six Bricks Methodology in your  K - 2 class.

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The Six Bricks Methodology


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